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Apple patents social augmented reality and buys indoor GPS

Apple has patented a system to make augmented reality "social" and probably combine it with the App for indoor navigation. A new line is born.

We will also navigate inside the buildings. Apple took over the wallet and acquired the startup WiFiSlam with $ 20 million.

The apps developed by this emerging reality of Silicon Valley allow you to determine the user's position, inside a building, with an error of about 2.5 meters, simply by relying on the Wi-Fi networks available nearby. -up on which Apple has decided to invest was created just two years ago and ensures that it already has all the technology necessary to provide directions for moving inside a large building (an airport, a shopping center, a hotel or an institutional building) using only the wireless signal offered by the area's hotspots.

The idea is to use technology obviously to orient users inside large structures, thinking of an airport as it could be useful.

But Apple seems to have social aspirations and could use this technology to create something more than an indoor browser. Apple has already acquired other companies in this regard such as C3 TechnologiesisPoly9. It therefore seems more interesting to WiFiSlam to take social interaction to a level where it can be transformed into real physical interaction, therefore inside buildings, airports, offices, discos.

To this must be added the patent filed by Apple for augmented reality with social functionality.

The deposit speaks of Realt increases, synchronized for multifunctional devices a technology that allows users to take notes on the images displayed of the surrounding reality that can then be seen by others on social media. User annotations are transformed into 3D and float in space.

In practice the user himself who increases reality by inserting his own comments, images, videos.

an unprecedented approach that opens the way to a new line of development of augmented reality.

All the details of the patent here