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Apple hit hard by hackers

Even Apple doesn't save itself: last Thursday it was hit hard by hackers, who violated the website dedicated to developers.

Even Apple can't save itself: last Thursday it was hit hard by hackers. A few days ago the website dedicated to the developers was off-line, it seemed a normal update, but after some time an unusual message appeared: not only the traditional Well be back soon, but an explanation in which it was said that the site had problems more serious than expected and that would not work again immediately.Today the explanation arrived: the website was attacked to get hold of sensitive data from Apple developers. Apple claims that personal data was encrypted and that the attackers were unable to get the database. But this reassurance seems to give way, since later in the message sent to the developers we read that we cannot exclude that some data like name, addresses and emails have been violated. With a spirit of transparency we want to inform you of the issue. For this reason, Apple itself has put the site out of service by Thursday and has worked day and night to stem the problem. developer data, updating servers and rebuilding the database entirely. Finally, Apple apologizes for the serious inconvenience that the down-time of the developer site is causing to everyone. A severe blow to the security image of Apple, considered by everyone to be less exposed to risks and less attacked than other companies. Its operating systems have always been considered safer, but perhaps only because the number of attacks addressed to the Apple platform has always been numerically lower. With the explosive growth of recent years Apple today one of the undisputed market leaders and its systems are widespread, so the apple has become a succulent meal for network criminals. How this episode can affect the company's situation is difficult to say, but it certainly scratches a bit of inviolability that Apple has always had. Here under the original message sent today to all Apple developers in the world.

Last Thursday, an intruder attempted to secure personal information from our registered developers from our developer website. However, we have not been able to reach out to you, however, we have been able to reach out to you. In the spirit of transparency, we want to inform you of the issue. We took a look at the clock.

In order to prevent security from happening, we were completely overhauling our developer systems, updating our server software, and rebuilding our entire database. We apologize for the significant inconvenience that our downtime has caused you and we expect the developer website up again soon.