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Apple, errors that will be paid in a year

Apple, errors that will be paid in a year logomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple's forecasts that set the time for the resumption of sales and the return to positive could be decidedly optimistic. But even once the liquidation section of the warehouses is closed, the aftermath could continue for a long time. This is the impression that winds as he reads the opinion of analysts and experts and runs back in time, when other producers found themselves in the same unpleasant situation that the Cupertino house is experiencing today. "To understand what could happen – declares today to C / Net Lindy Lesperance of Technology Business Research – we could take for example what happened to Compaq. In 1998, Compaq also had a similar problem of excess products in warehouses and canals and tried to solve it by lowering prices. The effects were felt throughout the computer industry, dragging down the cost of PCs for the benefit of consumers but to the detriment of profits ". A situation of which the repercussions are still felt today because, as other observers warn, "once brought down the prices it is difficult to bring them up". For Apple the situation could be even more complex because the brand of the Apple lives in a niche environment. Lowering prices could have its own repercussions on its market and make it impossible to return to previous levels. A position only partially shared by Chris LeToq of Gartner that Apple is not lowering prices but instead using the discount lever. "If you mess with the list impossible to bring up the prices, but Apple is not messing with the list, but instead the weapon of discounts." All instead agree on the reasons why Apple found itself in the current situation stressing that it was a concomitance of causes that overlapped in part in part imponderable, perhaps, predictable. First of all, Apple has changed the way it is distributed in the scholastic sector by invoking the sale of education to itself. This caused a crisis before the summer when the schools planned the purchase of material for the new year. Then he missed the right time for the release of new machines and when he released them they were not powerful enough to convince users to buy them instead of the old ones that were still in the warehouses. Later he released (perhaps hurriedly, he believes the writer) the Cube that had many problems and little market. At the same time in those circumstances, it was in the fall, the PC market began to slow down and for Apple things became even more complicated than the other competitors. In fact, its market niche had acquired quite a lot in the preceding months and the sector was saturated. Finally the marketing sector did not understand that to support sales of a consumer product like iMac it was necessary to introduce a version with CD-RW. These problems, analysts say, are not easy to solve because they involve a mix of reprogramming and support from part of the market that must re-launch itself. According to someone, therefore, it will take two to four fiscal quarters before seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and not just the three months proposed by Apple. At the end of 2001, therefore, helped by the machine replacement cycle as well as by new products, Apple could start again and with it its price list.

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