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Apple bought Radialogic?

Radialogic Software, the company that had made itself known – among other things – for "CD Master" (a new and interesting CD burning application) announced yesterday that it had ceased its activity and had sold some of its technologies key to an unspecified "company that will integrate them with their upcoming Mac products".

The Radialogic managers have not revealed the mysterious buyer name but according to AppleInsider, the latter would be nothing but Apple.

In fact, this could also be true in light of the statements of Jobs who, yesterday, during the press conference had made it clear that the next Macs will all have a rewritable CD.

Apple acquired Astarte's products and authoring technology in April (the owner of one of the most powerful and complete DVD creation suites). The latter, however, had already sold the rights of Toast to Adaptec in the past and not to be excluded therefore, that Apple may have actually purchased the Radialogic package, to then have it "revised" to the Astarte programmers who now work with Apple and who have considerable experience in the production of CD-R / CDRW burning software.

According to AppleInsider, at the next MacWorld Expo, Apple should introduce a new line of PowerMac G4s on which a CD-RW should be installed as standard. On the high-end models there will be a DVD / CD-RW combination and on the low-end models there would be only the DVD player (the DVD / CD-RW could be optionally ordered through the Apple Store).

DVD-RAM would become an option that could be ordered in the BTO at the Apple Store.

Less credible hypothesis (unlikely to be presented with new iMacs at MacWorld) – but not to be excluded a priori – the inclusion of a combination of DVD / CD-RW for iMac DV Special Edition.

(Edited by Newton)