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Apple at Macworld: new commercials

After the unfounded news that the licensee of the young "Mac" representing the computers of the apple was given as a licensee, here is the new spot that sees him as usual as opposed to the clumsy and plump type that represents the PC.

In the now allegorical juxtaposition of the two, the PC dressed in a blouse, as ready to update and make a Vis (i) ta. Unfortunately, he must be hospitalized, and, apparently, it will not be an easy thing. You will need to check the graphics card, the memory, if you want the Premium Pack maybe you will need a new processor. As a sign of friendship, he tells Mac that, in the event that he does not return from the operation, he gives up his peripherals. And here Mac says: "About peripherals …" An allusion to the iPhone?

The two new ?Party animated? iPod spots have as their common denominator the colored silhouettes of dancers equipped with the Mp3 player and the ?Flathead? background music of the Fratellis.

One has only one character at a time, but the background is very colorful with moving textures, the second has a black background, but the dancers are each colored with a different tint, which takes up the second series of iPod Nano, and, albeit with spot colors , they have transparencies, which form new colors when the characters cross … (Edited by Iain Antony)