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AAPL, it's a difficult world

AAPL, a difficult world logomacitynet1200wide 1

The announcement of lower profits for Apple came to closed markets, and therefore Apple went unharmed on Wall Street but today may not be an easy day. This is demonstrated by the activity reported on the after market which caused a drop of almost 15% in the value of the list. The regular session closed at $ 17 for AAPL, while at night the stock was quoted at less than $ 15. Following Apple's announcement, which remains a major player in the IT market, they fell compared to ordinary trading even companies like Dell and Cisco that during the day had set record results, unlike Apple. On the Japanese market, opened when Apple announced its negative sales forecasts, AAPL lost even more than what it did not do in the after market, marking almost -18%. It is probable that in Europe and then also in the USA the fate of Apple shares will follow the same fate today.

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