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AAPL, day of fire

AAPL, day of fire logomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple's day, which started badly in the East, is going even worse in Europe. AAPL loses when we write 21% in Frankfurt, the only market where it is listed on the old continent. The shares of Cupertino, after the widespread warning yesterday of losses, the first for three years now, for the present quarter, dropped from 19 to 15 euros, a drop of, in fact, 21%. In Tokyo in the morning the quotations were set at 1770 yen with exchanges of six times above the average. It was the most important setback in Apple's history on the Japanese market from -35% on last October 2nd when for the first time the company's financial office declared the beginning of the crisis. Meanwhile, the first comments after the announcement of the night they tend to show that more than to the wrong choices of the management, that also there have been, the greater responsibility of the consumer market that does not receive more as before the solicitations that arrive from the producers of computers. It is no coincidence that Apple, which focuses precisely on the consumer sector, is in the eye of the storm but with it there are also protagonists of the PC world as Gateway. And whether it is a global crisis that could still have many victims, many believe it, including Tim Ghriskey, a fund manager at Dreyfus Corp. who reports to Bloomberg: "Apple is doing everything it can. They have good products, but this is a wider crisis, a crisis of industry rather than Apple. I believe that this will not be the only negative surprise in this sector ". Now many are looking forward to the opening of Wall Street on which Apple risks a harsh punishment. During the night, in the after market, AAPL lost more than 14%, falling to $ 15. In two months, Apple stocks have lost almost 70% of their value.

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