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8 apps to always put in your suitcase

The apps for booking a trip are many, but what are the ones that help you get by once you get there?

Cover trend travel onlineWhen you have to book a trip, there are apps for all tastes. Offers and tips for travel and accommodation do not escape the many solutions that constantly monitor holiday destinations and catering points, airlines and local transport. The real journey begins once you have already set foot on the airplane ladder: when you have to fight with the rates of roming and indications in unknown languages. The answer to the problems for could be once again on the display of a smartphone that by now you believed served only as a camera. These are the icons to click on when you're in trouble:

Google translator(free for iOS and Android)

Google translator

The first challenge once landed is to read the signs or, even before, to ask where the bathroom is. Don't worry, with the translator of big G (or with Microsoft Translator if you are a Windows Phone user) it solves everything in a few taps and more 90 different languages. You can chat as a native speaker thanks to the integration with Whatsapp, interpret menus and writings simply by framing them with the camera and even download the languages on the device to use it offline. Unmissable.

XE Currency(free for iOS, Android and Windows Phone)

XE Currency

Metro, tram, train, bus, rental vehicles. However you decide to move, and whatever you decide to buy, there are destinations where the currency differs from the one you had in your wallet on departure. And if currency exchange rates are more ripple than local taximeters, you need a simultaneous converter. This is not only easy and quick to use but constantly updates exchange rates, both of banknotes and precious metals. Goodbye rip-offs.

Onavo(free for iOS and Android)


Surfing the Internet and posting photos and videos on social media, downloading attachments and consulting maps: all things you would like to do even while away, but which often clash instead with telephone rates. To prevent the roaming dry up your credit you need a solution that on the one hand monitors data traffic (to understand which applications are putting it to a hard test) and on the other hand to optimize it (compressing the data). The first is called Onavo Count, the second Onavo Extend. Long life credit.

Wi-Fi Finder(free for iOS and Android)

Wi-Fi Finder

Another effective way to contain your bill is to take advantage of them Wi-Fi connections around the city. Gi, but where? In order not to wander for miles waving your smartphone like a diviner looking for a signal, let yourself be guided by this app. Just remember to download the destination database in advance, otherwise you will waste part of the savings. Good treasure hunt.

TripCase(free for iOS and Android)


Lost your hotel address? Can't find the car rental references? Do you need to retrieve your flight details immediately? Keep it with this electronic case all itinerary and travel details in one app. At your fingertips and at your fingertips, thanks to the integration with the principalism watch, this app can also connect you directly to Uber, to easily book a car as soon as you arrive at your destination. Available in 9 languages ??(including Italian), to share information with all friends and colleagues around the world.

CityMapper(free for iOS and Android)


Traveling means getting lost and exploring but there are places where it is more convenient to move in traffic like a commuter doc. This navigation system guides you to the best in every situation, carefully planning the choice of public transport to use and sending a notification near your stop, studying ad hoc routes and dynamically modifying them according to road works or line delays, traffic jams or detours. The latest version also includes car sharing. To always arrive at your destination in the fastest and most linear way possible.

entrain(free for iOS and Android)


There is a problem of adaptation that even the strongest stomachs and the most well-trained polyglots must face at the end of an intercontinental flight: the jet lag. Each has its own techniques to adapt to the new time zone, but the University of Michigan has taken the trouble to bring together the fruit of years of scientific research in an application that gives advice on how to recover first and best the circadian rhythm. Setting the alarm then right and alternating dark and bright rooms with the measuring cup. So beat the attacks of narcolepsy and don't risk spending whole days like a zombie.

Packpoint(free for iOS and Android)


Did you buy the impossible and don't know how to pack everything? Are you afraid of forgetting something important out of your luggage? This app makes you a nanny: with generic questions (male or female) or more specific about duration and type of stay (work or vacation) to guide you step by step up to the suitcase closure. Also check the weather so you don't risk making mistakes and allow you to share the list with other friends. If you lose weight at check-in, you can take it only with yourself.


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