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10 inspirational images that reveal the people of Vizag's Unity after HudHud Cyclone

Cyclones are always considered a terrible experience for those who live it. It not only causes chaos physically but much more mentally.

The Hudhud cyclone that struck the coast of Andhra Pradesh on 8 October 2014 was considered one of the fiercest cyclones the country has ever seen. Too many people have lost their lives and too many have had to migrate from their homes to save their lives. Their houses, however, do not look the same as the last time they saw it.

The side effects of any tragedy leave a lot of stain throughout the city. At this moment, to expect the government to do all the work of restoration, not only to ask too much of them, but more to move away from our responsibility as a citizen.

That could have been the reason to push the Mr. Nihar Yerubandi and his team cleaning the road to the beach at Vizag after the Hud-Hud cyclone.

Initially, he and his mother were the only ones starting to clean the street, but slowly and gradually more and more people started to join them. After a few minutes, the number of people joining them was close to 100.

Many will be wondering that the person could be a social activist or direct an NGO, but not true. Yerubandi an aspiring businessman who works in the field of marriage planning. the common man who took the time to clean the city of which he has been a part since his childhood.

an inspirational fable of an inspiring city that inspires you on how much strength the unit has in the most adverse situations. Perhaps it can inspire us to clean our cities too. Perhaps, all we need is just an initiative to do the right thing.

Here are 10 images that magnificently inspire the whole episode: –

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