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YouTube for Android gets auto-play videos turned off at home feed

Autoplay videos are a huge nuisance as they not only consume valuable mobile data, but can also create embarrassing situations when a web page automatically plays a video with the volume set at the top. Chrome 64 for desktop has recently introduced a new feature that automatically disables the automatic playback of videos and now it seems that the same functionality has also arrived on YouTube on Android.

YouTube has now started implementing a new feature called "Autoplay on Home", which as its name clearly suggests, allows users to modify autoplay video controls to automatically disable video playback on the YouTubes home video feed.

Image courtesy: 9to5Google

Previously, all you could do was simply turn on or off the video autoplay feature for when a video you are watching ends. However, the Autoplay section in the YouTube settings menu now has another option called "Autoplay at home" that automatically plays the videos shown on your Home Feed, even if the sound is turned off.

Users can configure whether these disabled videos should be played automatically on the app's main feed or not. In addition, they can also change the data consumption preference associated with the "Auto playback in home" function and choose from three options, for example Always on, Wi-Fi only is Disable. Note that disabled videos are automatically played only on the home screen, as the feature does not work on channel pages, search results, or trend and subscription cards.

If you want to use the function, touch the icon Account in the YouTube app for Android> Settings> Autoplay> Automatic playback on home and adjust the function as desired.

It seems that the "Automatic playback at home" function is currently being tested among a restricted circle of users or its implementation has been limited geographically, as we have tried to test it on Nokia 8 and Pixel 2 based on Android 8.1 that run the YouTube app updated, but failed to find the option to turn it on.