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Xtrememac Homeshow & Roadshow: to connect iPods anywhere, even on the move

With Homeshow and Roadshow Xtrememac has thought of those who can never break away from their iPod and would like to be able to connect it to other multimedia systems at any time.

Homeshow consists of a series of four cables that allow you to interface the iPod with most of the multimedia systems usually found in homes.

Specifically we have the Home Theater Cable, a composite cable capable of connecting the iPod to a TV or home theater component; the Home Audio Cable, to connect the Mela MP3 player to audio systems. The Auxiliary Audio Cable for connections to computer speakers or stereo systems found in cars and, finally, the Audio Splitter allows two people to be able to connect their earphones to the same iPod and share the same music. Each cable has a length just over 1.2 meters. Homeshow compatible with any iPod model.

Roadshow, on the other hand, consists of a single cable, capable of directly powering the iPod with the 12-volt adapter, to be plugged into the special socket in the car to keep the iPod always on charge. It will then be possible to connect the mp3 player with a DVD player (integrated or portable), or with any other device with a composite input, to share the files contained in the iPod with the other occupants. The Roadshow has a cable of the length of about 2.5 meters. Roadshow compatible only with iPod video.

Two practical connection kits, which allow you to always have a potential connection for your iPod at hand.

The retail price of 49.99 Euros for the Homeshow and 49.90 Euros for the Roadshow. The accessories are distributed in Italy by Attiva.Homeshow also sold on Apple Store.

xtrememac roadshow and homeshow