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Xbox 360: patch the ISOs for any firmware with 360 …

I write this post for everyone they can not or they don't want to update your own firmwarexbox 360 to read backup copies of recent games and do not want to use the activate.iso DVD every time you start the game.

It is recently available 360 Waves Patcher 1.2.6 program for operating systems Windows (XP, Vista and 7) through which we can modify theISO image of the game in our possession, replacing the "wave" present in the ISO, any one between wave1, wave2, wave3 and wave4.

WARNING! The guide refers to the version of 360 Waves Patcher 1.2.6, but the new version is available 360 Waves Patcher 2.1.9 Beta which also supports wave 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and the last wave 11 (the latter, containing the 12611 and 12625 dashboards). Download the new version 2.1.9. The operation is very similar to that explained in the following guide.

Patch Xbox 360 ISO

For the uninitiated, the wave partition used by Microsoft to provide updates of the Dashboard of Xbox 360 through games. For security reasons, the firmware ixtreme do not allow booting DVDs with waves that they do not recognize and that have been published later; hence the need to update the firmware, use the infamous activate.iso or as a third option, patch/modify the ISO of the game to make the DVD read by our console, without any change to the firmware.

If you want more information, check out our post New Partition Wave4 or abgx 1.0.2 with Wave4 support.

Let's see the simple steps to patch the ISO with 360 Waves Patcher.

1) download 360 Waves Patcher : link rapidshare or link megaupload (size 14 MB)

Note: the version you download the 1.1, but as soon as installed and executed, the program will automatically update itself to version 1.2.6

2) Start the program and change the language (default in French). The Italian translation borders on the ridiculous so refer to that English.

Click on the "Browse"Top right and choose the ISO file you want to edit. The program will immediately identify the wave version present.

360 Waves Patcher

3) Select the wave partition you want to put in place of the existing one, choosing between wave1, wave2, wave3 and wave4. The program below will tell you which firmware you need to have to start the game correctly via DVD, based on the wave you selected.

(example) if you select wave3, you must have an ixtreme 1.51 or ixtreme 1.6 firmware and higher. note the writing at the bottom as shown in the figure:

ixtreme wave info

4) At this point, before patching the ISO and if the first time you use it 360 Waves Patcher, you have to download the wave you chose to put, moving to the bottom of the program.

Click on "Click here to select a Wave to download?, Choose the version you selected in the previous step and press Download.

Download Wave ISO xbox

5) At the end of the download, click on "Patch my ISO in Wave n"And the ISO files will be modified, ready to be burned and executed on Xbox 360. Note: the program does not make any backup copy of the ISO because it directly modifies the existing file.

Needless to warn you that the ISO images of games so modified will not be "stealth" and cannot be used to play online on Xbox Live. See the Xbox 360 Ban Wave for this purpose