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Xbox 360: New Ban Wave – console banned on Xbox …


25/10/10 Available LT +! A new wave of ban has been planned for those who have played games with AP2.5 controls

21/01/10 Finally available ixtreme LT!

14/12/10 Added information on ixtreme LT

21/11/09 Added link to guide to restore corrupt profile. Change some information

10/11/09 New firmware in development! ixtreme LT (Lite Touch) with antiban

08/11/09 Information on the saved games added. Divx continue to work after the ban. Added survey

07/11/09 Added info on additional features disabled post-ban

A few days ago Microsoft has implemented the "purification" from Xbox Live of modified consoles. This provision has already been taken several times in the past and called Ban Wave.

Xbox Live Ban

In other words it will be impossible for you to play online with up Xbox Live with that console. Unfortunately, there are no ?stealth? copies (conforming to the original) or versions of the Xbox360 readers or firmware that take? the ban around the corner.

Here's what happens in a video (note that the moment itself in which I have personally discovered to be banned):

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I will summarize in brief what happens:

  • The Ban concerns the consul. The banned console will never come back online on Live. Your profile (GamerTag) can be retrieved on another console. Unlocked targets on the banned console can in no way be transferred. Indeed the profile also copied to a memory card, it will be corrupted and recovery will then have the objectives unlocked pre-ban.
  • For some absurd reason, Once you enter the "round of the banned?, The possibility of is inhibited install games from that console on the hard disk. It is possible to move the Hard Disk to a new console (without formatting it) … otherwise its functionality on the banned console will remain to save the games. However after the ban, theaccess to rescues on the banned console, corromper them so they can't be used on any other console! UPDATE: To restore a damaged profile or a damaged rescue, see our guide How to restore a damaged profile from a banned console.
  • THE games installed on the Hard Disk of the banned console by putting the Hard Disk on another console (also unmodified), they will have to be re-installed.
  • It will no longer be possible to use Windows Media Center Extender
  • Unable to update i games from a banned console
  • The possibility of see Divx, if you haven't already downloaded the codec
  • Unable to deploy on xbox of games via XNA / Visual Studio (for those who develop independent games)
  • The Ban also applies to users Xbox Live Silver, or those not paying (not just users Gold therefore).
  • It cannot be discovered in any way if you were banned if you didn't connect with your modified console. There are procedures but no 100% security to find out.

No one knows exactly what the methods are for identify modified consoles. Commodore4Eva and the team working on the firmware ixtreme stated that there are no new controls on the Live (other than those known) and that for Microsoft it is impossible read the reader firmware remotely.

Update: C4Eva temporarily suspended work on the new ixtreme 1.61 firmware for readers LiteOn to devote himself exclusively to discovering the cause of the new wave of ban. The suspicion seems to be some "polluted" Warez copy or the incorrect use made with abgx. At the moment tests are in progress! We hope to know something soon.

Microsoft is blocking the functionality of the banned console, in order to prevent users from continuing to play games offline, save trips, unlock goals and then put the hard disk on an unmodified original console and update your score on Xbox Live; in this way it forces users to permanently change consoles (at least those interested in the online score).

The news is updated and ad today, there is no precaution you can take. Also avoid connecting useless in these days … the blacklist with i console consoles the result of months or weeks of checks.

Update 2: C4E has just claimed to be working on a new firmware named ixtreme LT (Lite Touch) which will be more efficient, with the minimum necessary to load backups, in all respects identical to the original and which completely eliminate the ban threat from Xbox Live. Still there is no definite information on the ban but from this statement it seems to understand that actually it is currently possible to discover a modified console just because of the firmware … denying what had been said previously!

The is not known release date of the new firmware ixtreme LT but get out first for DVD players LiteOn simultaneously on all readers.

Update 3: Finally the team (C4E including) to work on the firmware, has made it known that they are continuing to work on ixtreme LT and that they have been uncovered all the checks made from Microsoft to discover modified consoles. They claimed that using firmware ixtreme or xtreme (not LT) leads to being flagged and banned on the next wave. The only solution is to wait patiently for the firmware to exit ixtreme LT that will pass all the checks and allow you to play on Xbox Live.

Update 4: It's available ixtreme LT! All consoles that have not been modified and are still "virgin", can play on Xbox Live after modification with this firmware. Read the article Firmware ixtreme LT

Update 5: The new version of ixtreme LT, named LT +. This firmware is necessary to run games with AP2.5 protection and not to be banned from Xbox Live.

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