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Xbox 360 Guide: How to Restore a Profile from a Damaged …

If you have one Xbox 360 modified and you have received the message from console prohibited up Xbox Live, you are probably already aware of the many limitations introduced on your banned console by Microsoft.

Xbox360 Guide to Restoring Damaged Profile

One of these, the inability to move the your profile and i bailouts associated on any other console, without this being reported as "Damaged profile". We will now see how to solve this problem for keep playing is unlock goals on a banned console and then transfer them to another console, possibly to synchronize the online profile or to play from a friend.

This procedure is only necessary if you have played, saved or unlocked a target on the banned console after the ban. Immediately transferring the profile to a different console, the latter will not be damaged.

1 – Download necessary programs

The programs we will use are exclusively for Windows:

CON Flag Remover

Hash Block Calculator


All present in the package to download here -> fix_profile.rar

2 – Connect the Hard Disk to the PC

It is possible to connect the xbox 360's Hard Disk with the Data Transfer Cable USB (available for free via the website) or simply disassembling the Hard Disk from inside the housing original and using a box from 2.5 ? SATA to connect it via USB to your PC or by connecting it directly inside the PC to the SATA port and to the power supply.

To disassemble it you will need a screwdriver type Torx T6 (for external screws) and T8 for inside ones. Watch this video, the very simple procedure:

-video removed-

3 – Identify the damaged Profile

Connect the Hard Disk to the PC and start up XPort. Select the newly connected disk and the program will show you the contents of the folders and all the files present.

Click on Partition 3 and then Content.

From the list that comes out, the folders that start with the letter E represent i profiles: for example E00036AD8610EC6

If you have only one profile and easy to identify it, press on + and then on FFFE07D1 (this name never changes) and then in 0010000

Xport Profile Corrupted

At this point, you will have a file on the right of variable size and that represents your profile. Copy it somewhere on your PC to edit it.

Xport selects damaged profile

4 – Restoring the damaged profile

start CON Flag Remover to remove the flag inserted and that makes your profile corrupt on the other consoles.

CON Flag Remover

Select Open File and then the profile that you previously moved to your computer (if you can also make a backup).

Press on Remove Flags to properly restore profile operation.

We are almost done, now you have to recalculate theHashing Block after editing before returning the profile to the Xbox 360 Hard Disk. Start Xbox 360 Hash Block Calculator.

Hash Block Calculator

File -> Open and always choose your profile, after waiting for it, press on Tools -> Calculate Hashing Blocks

Now the profile is ready to be transferred again and it will no longer be damaged! Open XPort and overwrite the profile with the new and modified one on the PC.

5 – Notes

The same thing can be done with bailouts which result damaged. Always with XPort enter the directory 00000001 related to saving and copy the file to the right on your PC. Repeat the steps to make the rescue work on another Xbox 360 again.

I always recommend making a file backup before modifying and restoring them.