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Wireless SE 2300: Creative BlueTooth headphones

If you intend to buy a pair of headphones for your brand new iPod or Mac, you could be interested in the SE 2300, the new model of wireless headphones produced by Creative. Behind this code, there are a couple of interesting bluetooth headphones able to meet the needs of those who would like to partially free themselves from the cabling that often accompanies audio and video devices.

Partly, because the two headphones are still connected to each other by a cable that you can comfortably let go behind your neck. The SE 2300 headphones communicate via bluetooth with their thin transmitter (only 6mm thick) that will be connected, for example, to the audio output of your iPod and can be easily kept in your pocket. It will also be possible to leave the transmitter, given the wide reception range of the signal (within 10 meters).

The headphones are characterized by great lightness (about 53 grams) and an ergonomic design: they fit comfortably on the outer ear, then leaning gently on the ear with the sponge part. Technically we note the presence of a volume control on the pavilion of the headphone so you can control the audio intensity without having to act directly on the player.

The SE2300 integrates a lithium battery lasting about 8 hours, rechargeable both via the mains and via USB: the cables needed to connect the device to the energy sources are included in the bundle. In the package also included a carrying case.

The Creative headphones are compatible with iPods, other MP3 players and any device with an audio output dedicated to listening through headphones or earphones. An useful accessory for those who can't stand the "obligatory bonds".

The retail price of about 129.99 Dollars and can be purchased directly on the US Creative website. They are not yet available in the Italian online shop.

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