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Windows 7 on the market in three versions: Home Premium, Professional and …

Today the Microsoft officially launches its new operating system on the market Windows 7.Windows 7, according to many, turns out to be the true successor of Windows XP, given the flop of view, in fact it surprised about its speed and the fact of being able "to run" even on computers not of the very latest output. makes three versions available: Home Premium, Professional and 7 versionsEach version addressed to various groups of users based on the use to be made of the PC.Anyone wishing to have more details on the versions of Windows 7 recommend going to the Microsoft website, but the main differences are briefly described below.

    Functions present in: Windows 7 Home Premium Windows 7 Professional Windows 7 Ultimate
  • Make your daily operations even easier with further improved desktop exploration.
  • Open programs faster and easier and make it easier to find the documents you use most often.
  • Explore the Web even faster, easier and safer with Internet Explorer 8.
  • Create a home network and seamlessly connect PCs to a printer with Group Home.
  • Watch your favorite TV shows for free when and where you want with Internet TV.
    Functions present in: Windows 7 Professional Windows 7 Ultimate
  • Run most of the productivity programs for Windows XP thanks to the Windows XP mode.
  • Connect to corporate networks easily and securely with Domain Add-on.
  • In addition to full system backup and restore functionality, available in all editions, you can also back up to a home or business network.
    Functions present in: Windows 7 Ultimate
  • Avoid accidental loss or theft of data on your PC and portable storage devices with BitLocker.
  • Choose the language you prefer and, if you want, switch from one language to another, there are 35 of them.

As for the price:Windows 7 Home Premium 209 (Version 129 update)Windows 7 Professional 329 (Version update 299)Windows 7 Ultimate 339 (Version 319 update)

For each version there is also an N version, which is none other than the normal version without Windows Media Player (modification made to satisfy some requests of the European Union), otherwise everything is the same, even the price!

Also a version was created Windows 7 Starter specially adapted for use on netbooks.

If you are doubtful that your PC works with Windows 7, you can use the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor which scans your PC to check for potential compatibility problems and get information on Windows 7 upgrade options. report indicating whether the PC meets the system requirements and whether any known compatibility problems with hardware, devices and installed programs have been detected. It also provides assistance on what to do before installing Windows 7. Before you begin, make sure you have connected and activated USB devices or other devices, such as printers, external hard drives and scanners, used regularly with the PC you are controlling.