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Will Guide Me Right really be the Uber of tourist guides?

In Italy there is room for the sharing economy?
 Can occasionally share tourist experiences be considered a crime?
  what the Italian startup Guide Me Right is asking itself, harshly attacked by Confguide management after landing in Florence.
 Wednesday, October 7 Paola Migliosi, national president of Confguide (union of tourist guides …

In Italy there is room for the sharing economy?Occasionally sharing tourist experiences can be considered a crime – what the Italian startup is asking Guide Me Right, harshly attacked by the leaders of Confguide after landing in Florence. Wednesday 7 October Paola Migliosi, national president of Confguide (union of tourist guides registered with Confcommercio) lashed out against the startup Guide Me Right with a press release where it defines the activity of the company as illegal and abusive.

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A very brief premise: that this is Guide Me Right a service that allows people living in a place to offer experiences to visitors, tourists and anyone else with an interest (even inhabitants of the same city or region).The people who offer this service are called Local Friends: local friends, to trace the concept that know a place with someone from the place always another thing.

Local Friends propose original experiences, outside the circuits of classic tourism: from a spritz in a room to a trip on the Arno, up to shopping and visiting the favorite spots for lovers of photography. All things that otherwise not all tourists and interested parties could live or see.In return they receive a small payment, decided in advance: each experience has a price that usually varies from 5 to 20 euros, with higher peaks for exclusive services.

Payment is made online, without the use of cash; at the end of the experience, the startup issues an occasional service invoice, which can be included in the tax return at the end of the year, resulting in the activity according to the law.Guide Me Right is based on a stimulating and exciting logic, based on sharing one's time to provide services and experiences to those who wish, occasionally.

As is happening to so many realities of the world of sharing economy, the startup now under direct attack by those who represent a category. The words of the president of Confguide are very harsh.His considerations are based on a simple assumption: Local Friends = Official tour guides. An assumption so simple as to be simplistic, and completely wrong.

The logic of Guide Me Right away from the service provided by a traditional guide: in a nutshell, they are two different things and making them equal makes no sense (judging the illegal service has even less).Luca Sini, the startup's cofounder, responded directly to the attack from the Guide Me Right blog, declaring to have repeatedly proposed a mediation: "We have always sought dialogue with professionals in the sector who accuse us of not respecting. We have always sought a confrontation with public administrations to find a solution. What emerged? One, unfriendly, answer: "The beautiful, innovative and I think it's also useful service we can't help you' ".

The reasoning continues in the body of the post, focusing on why these controversies are out of place. "Why do we not understand certain controversies, simply because we are talking about different experiences. Of different users. Of parallel concepts that, at most, can help each other and feed each other rather than hinder each other. Because they are abusive when a business is professionally carried out without paying taxes. Do not be abused when, sharing your lifestyle, you earn occasionally and within the limits set by law. Rather than aiming to block these new types of services, we need to understand together how to regulate them so that they are possible in the respect and in the interests of all.

The one launched by the Guide Me Right cofounder is an invitation to better understand the current state of the economy and innovation.The attack of ConfGuide is a direct attack on the sharing economy and its philosophy, which follows those received from Uber and AirBnb.

Some have defined Guide Me Right as the Uber of tourism: in reality, I think the logic of the two services is drastically different. Guide Me Right works to become a market place of experiences that could one day prove to be an added value also for official tourist guides.Furthermore, the state of development puts the two companies on two different levels, making such a comparison unlikely and weak.


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