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Who's tonight? Google has an app in mind to know who wants to go out

Without sending messages to the whole address book, with the new application that Google is testing, you will be able to communicate to your friends that you are around, ready for a pizza or a coffee


Google has been working on the concept of saving time for years. Now it really seems that he wants to save his users even the explanations. It has launched an application – already available on iOS and Android, with prior request for an invitation – that will allow you to communicate to your contacts when you are in the mood, or not, to go out.

Is calledWho's downand lets you communicate to your circle of friends when you are available to go out, and also wanting to do what. He then provides a messaging service to organize the appointment. Simple use, just activate the switch that makes you "available" at the exit. The news was reported by 5to Google, and the company has not yet provided explanations that go beyond the official page of the application.

In the request screen to access the test of the application, an email address is required, in addition to the possibility of indicating the school to which it belongs, so it is likely that Google has students in mind as a specific target for the app. However, the concept follows the attempt to make a network set up by Swarm. And not the only connection point that Google has recently with Foursquare: the famous geolocation app currently being tested on Google Now.


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