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Where to download USB Android drivers for Windows and Mac

After connecting your phone to the computer to the USB port: "USB device not recognized" appears. If this happens, it means that the USB drivers of the mobile device have not been installed on the computer. In this case you need to know where to download them. In this guide we have grouped the links to download Android USB drivers of the major mobile devices (Samsung, Micromax, Sony, Motorola, LG, HTC, ASUS, Nexus, Huawei and others).

The most important use of USB drivers is to flash the firmware of Android devices, connecting them to the computer with the help of flash tools such as Odin, SP flash and other tools. To perform this process, you need to install the specific USB driver of your Android device on your computer.

Where to download USB Android drivers for Windows and Mac

USB drivers for Android devices are essential for any device to be connected to the computer. The task of these simple drivers, allows you to connect and recognize your Android phone or tablet from your PC.

To use Samsung, HTC, Motorola or LG smartphones with your PC, you need to install USB drivers to exchange information between the device and the computer, such as photographs, mp3s and other data. The drivers are also necessary to configure ADB / Fastboot appropriately. When a device is not recognized by the computer, then it is likely that the right ones are not installed USB driver for the Android smartphone or tablet.

If you want to flash a ROM on your Android device and you don't know where to download the Drivers, go on, you will find most of the links through which you can download and install the Android USB drivers. Before downloading the USB drivers, you need to activate the mode USB Debug on the mobile device.

The list of links you will find below will help you download drivers from the manufacturer's website or from special tools. These tools are known as extremely useful USB / ADB driver installers for those unfamiliar with the device driver or have problems installing drivers.

If you are a Windows user, the operating system should automatically download and install the drivers once the phone is connected for the first time. If this does not happen, you will have to do it manually, downloading the Android Drivers from the list below. For OS X and Linux users can download drivers from the manufacturer's website, if available.

The list of links to download USB drivers

Let's start with the Samsung USB drivers to continue with those of the major Android phone manufacturers.

Android USB driver
Android micromax USB driver

Note: – You can use this MediaTek driver for any Android device with MediaTek processor.

Android motorola USB driver
sony Android USB driver
google Android driver google
USB driver htc Android
USB driver Android lg
intel Android driver
ZTE Android USB driver
XIAOMI Android USB driver
OPPO Android USB driver
Android ACER USB driver

All USB drivers are tested and working. For any questions on how to download Android USB drivers, comment below.

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