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Virus disguised as a Shockwave Flash movie

Virus disguised as a Shockwave Flash movie logomacitynet1200wide 1

"TROJ_SHOCKWAVE.A. TROJ_SHOCKWAVE "a trojan-type virus that spreads quickly using a PC and the Outlook e-mail program. A virus variant of a previous Trojan known as" TROJ_MYPICS ". The message that carries the virus arrives with the following object: "A great Schokwave flash movie" and contains an attachment called CREATIVE.EXE (an executable file for PC with a size of 36,864 bytes) The e-mail contains the message, "Check out his new flash movie that I download just now …. It's Great. "

Many people want to see the movie and so click on the attachment, which was exactly what the author of the virus wanted. The most important antivirus companies have already updated their antivirus products making them able to recognize the new Trojan.

Mac users cannot be infected by the virus (being a real application, the "trojan" that can only be run on a PC) but can turn into unconscious "hunters" (sending the message with the attachment in question to PC users). By Newton)

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