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USB 2 also for Mac

USB 2 also for Mac logomacitynet1200wide 1

USB 2, due to the costs and lack of market, struggles to be appreciated by peripheral manufacturers and assemblers. A situation that in the Mac environment runs the risk of fading due to the silence on Apple's support for the standard. The Cupertino company, in fact, is most likely waiting to verify the impact on the market, in terms of competition with FireWire, of a standard that aims to subtract quotas from IEEE 1394. In this panorama it certainly seems unusual to learn that the first cards to offer compatibility with USB 2 will be launched by one of the "historic" protagonists of the Mac market such as Orange. The company, once known to have made good quality DOS cards, recently announced that it is about to release three USB 2 products. The first product will be a $ 89K HUB, the second a $ 89 PCI card, which has four external ports and one internal, and an Orangelink +, another card that in addition to three external USB ports and an internal one , it also has two external FireWire ports and an internal one. OrangeLink + coster $ 149. Orange, aware that neither Microsoft nor, Apple will have USB 2 drivers ready for January when the products will all be on the market, has decided to release on the drivers capable of driving the cards. It should also be noted that Orange believes that USB can have a future also in the Mac world, since it is planning to release drivers for MacOs X. Orange's announcement could be of interest, in particular, to all those who have old machines and who aspire to to connect new devices among the very many on the market today compatible with USB. The USB 2 ports, in fact, allow the connection not only of peripherals (today non-existent) that follow the new standard, but also those that respond to the specifications of USB 1.1, even if their speed will not be 480 Mbits per second but the current 12 Mbits.

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