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Two million Athlon

Two million Athlon logomacitynet1200wide 1

Two million chips. Here are how many Athlon pieces produced and distributed since the day of its presentation last spring To announce it the same AMD that only last September, as proof of a constant increase in production and in the approval by the public and the builders, denounced a million pieces. This means that in just over a month and a half, Intel's largest competitor doubled the resulting results in the previous nearly eight months. The possibilities for expansion and increased production are not lacking at AMD. The American company, in fact, declares that its Dresden plant, the ultra-modern Fab30, currently has 70% unused space with a production capacity of 5000 wafers per week. By the end of the year, AMD intends to reach the utilization of 50% of the surface, almost doubling the current level of production. We remind you that AMD recently told some specialized newspapers that 30% of the x86 market was targeted by 2003. In the coming weeks production and sales could accelerate again when the new chip is made available with 0 circuits, 13 micron and 1.33 GHz speed

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