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Twitter, now the profile of Vine can be reported in the bio (and vice versa)

The social network and its video app inaugurate a greater integration: the profiles become almost interchangeable


Twitter and Vine support each other. The two apps, in fact, will provide for greater integration that will favor the passage from one to the other, guaranteeing continuity between the social network and its video application.

Like: by connecting the two accounts, for example, the Twitter user name will be displayed on the Vine profile. This means that, with a tap on the username, you can go directly to the other profile.

Twitter instead do its part by giving the possibility of linking, among the user's information, the Vine profile, complete with a "loops" counter (the views), to the side. Also in this case, following the link you can directly access the video app.


The counter is a novelty that Vine adds regardless, and keeps track of the views wherever they happen: via the native app, via browser and posts incorporated elsewhere. The news is ready in the latest version of the two apps on both iOS and Android.


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