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TRICCHI Brain Buddies and Pet Society

Do you want to make your Facebook friends open their eyes, making a stratospheric score on Brain Buddies? Soon I will explain to you how to do it. I state that everything comes from my first game. At the first attempt I make around 1900 points, I continue, and at the 10th game I arrive at 2600 points! Seeing that the first in the standings from me has over 7000 points, and knowing it knowing that a half rinco?. I wonder, but how will it do it? I hear talk around (thanks Samuele) of a little program that slows down the time of some applications, I try it, and look what happened?

Cheat Engine

1) We install and start it

2) We start a Firefox window, with Brain Buddies loaded

3) We start Cheat Engine, select the computer, and the Firefox application