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Transform text online with Uppercase It

Sometimes it may happen that you need to to commute of the text according to some characteristics. While surfing the net, I found a site that performs various online transformations to the text that is inserted.uppercaseitThere are various transformations available, to render all the text in upper / lower case, transform all the initial in capital letters, invert the words / letters, reflect the text, transform into morse code or braille, "encrypt" the text in Rot13 and other transformations.

Simple use. First of all, let's go to the site in question that: http: // We insert the text on the form under the writing Enter Your Text BelowNote that at the bottom there are counters that tell us: the number of characters including spaces (Number of characters (incl. Spaces)), the number of characters excluding spaces (Number of characters (w / o spaces)) , the number of words (Number of words) and the number of lines (Number of lines). We can choose from the various options the one we want to apply to the text (we can also select more options), click on the button click to transform your text and at the bottom the transformed text will appear in a box (if more options have been selected, a box will appear for each type of text transformation), it is possible to copy or print all the text of the box directly by clicking respectively on Copy come on Print.

To show you the result we get with the various options, we use the following sentence as an example text: "Example text by"

Using all the options the text will be transformed like this:


all tiny (Lowercase): example text by

Initial Of Every Word In Upper Case (Initial Upper / word): Sample Text By

Initial of each sentence in uppercase. (Initial Upper / Sentence): Example text by

Inverted words (Reverse Words): by example of Text

Letters of every word reversed (Reverse Letters): otseT id oipmese yb moc.golBinidraiG.www

Reflected text (Flip Text): o.boIqupb. q ods p os

Removal of all spaces (Strip Spaces):



Morse code: ..

– User-friendly URL:

_ User-friendly URL:

Rot13 (re-entering the encoded text is decoded in the "normal" text): Grfgb qv rfrzcvb ol jjj.TvneqvavOybt.pbz

URL encoding: Text% 20of% 20esempio% 20by%

URL decoding: Example text by