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The website of the Inland Revenue affected by the Hackers?

The Revenue Agency website does not work. He may have been hit by the Hackets

The Revenue Agency website does not work. The portal used by millions of Italians to pay the bitter taxes from this morning seems to have a technical failure. Reported error:"Error 500: EJPEJ0097E: It was not possible to store the ID of the virtual portal (object ID) null in a threadlocal variable during the following request [email protected]

Perhaps of little significance as an explanation, what is certain that many companies are experiencing serious hardship. Technical failure or hacker attack? Absolutely plausible lipothesis. Revenue agency under fire from public opinion that feels overwhelmed by the weight of women, political hacker groups, the Hacktivist legion, may have hit the symbol of Italian fiscal pressure.

Also because the news overlap: the Customs site does not even work, that of the Land Agency, it also stops Equitalia. The web of the Public Administration on its knees.

Below the official reply reported by the AGI Agency:

Due to Sogei's technical problems – according to the Inland Revenue and the Customs and Monopolies Agency – it is currently not possible to access the Agency's website or call the call center. For the same reason the assistance activity of the local offices is strongly limited. Sogei has assured the Inland Revenue that it will solve the problem as soon as possible. The Inland Revenue will be responsible for informing citizens of the resumption of services ?. The blackout concerns all financial administration sites.