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The life story of a blogger in 15 GIFs

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In this post, we have tried to portray the life story of a professional blogger with the help of (hilarious) GIFs. We have all faced at least one of these meetings … how many of you have lived all 15?

1. When you start a new blog.

2. When you find that positioning in Google search results for a new blog is not so easy.

3. When you find that the authority blog ranks well for a keyword even if their old post is lacking in quality.

4. When you see monthly income reports from established bloggers.

On the outside-

Inside of-

5. When you back to comment on CommentLuv-enabled blogs to create links.

6. When a higher authority website links to your blog.

7. When your blog posts start to position themselves on Google.

8. When someone spams the comments section.

9. When you receive the "I want to advertise on your blog" email.

10. When Matt cuts tweets that next week there will be an update in the Google search algorithm.

11. When the update occurs and your blog starts losing traffic.

12. When suddenly one of your blog posts becomes viral on social media.

13. When you receive an email from a reader who says he loves your blog.

14. When someone asks you about your profession.

15. And here is how people imagine the life of a blogger (which of course is not true).

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This post based on the X-The Ultimate WordPress theme