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The cousin of the Cube

The cousin of the Cube logomacitynet1200wide 1

A totally new product, which goes beyond the current line and which bridges the half note between the PowerBook and the iBook. This would also be in Apple's plans to relaunch sales. The new Mac would have been feared as being developed by Jobs himself during a meeting he held with company employees. The conference, convened to reassure the workers of Cupertino for which the share income represents a strong incentive and an integration that is far from negligible to the salary, did not provide other details on this hypothetical product, but enough to raise hypotheses and hopes . According to some it would be the Vaio sub-notebook, according to others of the tablet of which we have spoken several times also from these pages, according to others of the handheld with the brand of Newton's heir apple, which is still agitated in the imagination of many users Mac. In fact it would be the "cousin" of the Cube, a Mac able to explore (hopefully with better luck than the computerotto of New York) new marketing groundsJobs then reiterated what was mentioned during the press conference for the presentation of the results tax, which is that Apple engineers are working on two applications that are based on the same philosophy as iMovie. The mistake of not thinking about the distribution of a CD-RW on most machines and those committed in the educational sector was also reiterated. "Dell – said Jobs – we didn't take the scepter, we handed it to him with our wrong moves". The CEO did not mention any dismissal measures to contain costs, reassuring the workers' base, arguing that the company "will have the freedom to research the way and the ground to return to positive"

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