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The best Made in Italy Apps (and those that can become one)

The Italian Apps make their way. They are an extraordinary opportunity for talent. They can be made with small investments. here they are the best Italian Apps according to Digitalic

by Fabio Bossi and Valerio Rosano

Apps are an extraordinary opportunity for Italian talent. They can be developed with small investments, have a worldwide market available immediately and many companies are choosing this tool to offer services. Talented young people as well as established software houses can create the tricolor app-economy

Take everything away from me, but not my Smartphone so we could summarize the habits of Italians who, it seems, can renounce anything but their smartphone. Another interesting fact concerns the number of apps installed on Italian smartphones. 31% have installed less than five, 34% have downloaded between 6 and 20, while 35% exceed 21 apps. To make the difference also the type of smartphone: Apple users are the most active, with an average of 52 applications compared to 30 downloaded by Android users.

The App Store has recently cut the milestone of fifty billion downloaded applications. But how much is the new smartphone format business worth? According to the data held by the ICT Observatories of the Politecnico di Milano, the made in Italy applications sector is in turmoil. In 2012, the Italians downloaded 800,000 apps, compared with 500,000 in 2011, while in the whole of Italy 750 have been developed (+ 25% compared to 2011) of which one out of two with contents of pay. In practice, we are born with more than two a day. Meanwhile, 60% of companies say they have already launched one on the market. 30% would seriously consider doing it. And users seem to appreciate, considering that 75% say they have at least one app coined by Italian companies on their mobile device. Meanwhile for the Italian apps in the Top 50 most profitable are just 10%. Even if this is a difficult time for our country, feeling Italian is still a positive feeling. A feeling that grows especially if you travel abroad. Fortunately, litalianit is also present in the Store. Here are some of the best according to us.

AtoomaTo automate many operations on your Android smartphone, Atooma is the ideal solution. For example, you can set the Wi-Fi interface to be activated only in a certain place, or activate a mode in the presence of a certain Bluetooth device. All through a very intuitive interface. For Android systems

BeMyEyeDedicated to companies that need to control and verify the activities of the stores, BeMyEye exploits and remunerates the users of this app to which controls are delegated. A map shows the activities required in the area, and then just follow the instructions given by the app. For iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

iDoc FrescobaldiA reader of books, magazines, manuals and documents in Pdf format, created for iPad and available for free. In addition to being able to synchronize your files via iTunes, it also allows you to access some titles dedicated to history, estates and, above all, to the wines of the Marquis de Frescobaldi. For iPad

YEEPThanks to Yeep, keep up to date with exhibitions, concerts, inaugurations and much more easy. You can enter the events you want to participate in a list of favorites and report them via Facebook or Twitter. Coverage for limited to Milan and surroundings. For iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android systems

GoombahBook the restaurant from your smartphone? possible, taking advantage of Goombah. This app, available for Android and iOs, indicates restaurants near where you are or in other areas of your choice, shows you any menus or offers and allows you to book a table. The service is still in the experimental stage. For iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android systems

QuramiTired of endless expectations in public offices, clinics or restaurants? Qurami could be the solution. The card with the number becomes electronic, and the app keeps you informed about the number served at that time and the estimated waiting time for your turn. For iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android systems

AroundMeAre you in an unknown place and need a pharmacy, or do you need to find a parking space or are you still looking for a post office? AroundMe could solve the problem for you. This app shows you all kinds of activities near where you are, and also shows you the way to reach it. For iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android systems

Venice The Way of the AmbassadorsThis app is a tourist guide that does not use maps, but assists the user with photographic references accompanying it with audio guides that tell the story and the legends of the places visited, making them notice even those small details that may escape the traditional tourists. For iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Safety Qr Code

A sticker could be very useful to motorcyclists, thanks to the Safety Wr Code service. A sticker with the code on the helmet allows you to play an audio message in the event of an accident. Rescue personnel need only read it with one of the many apps compatible with these codes. For iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android systems

Invoice 24

Invoice 24 a billing service on the cloud now accessible also from tablets and smartphones, thanks to the dedicated app. All the functions of Invoice24 are available on mobile devices, and documents can be printed, saved in Pdf format and sent via e-mail. For iPhone, iPad and Android systems

iMoakThe Moak coffee app wakes you up in the morning with nice ringtones, lets you read some stories taken from the anthology that follows the Caff Letterario Moak contest before going to sleep and if during the day you want to enjoy a coffee Moak also tells you which is the nearest bar where to find it .For iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

20linesWith 20 lines at a time, and the participation of all readers, you can create stories of all kinds. In 20lines you can in fact publish an incipit and wait for other users to continue or contribute to the story of another author. Or simply read one of the numerous stories already concluded. For iPhone, iPad and iPod touch (soon Android too)

CalcoloneThis app offers an endless series of useful services, for example displaying the front pages of newspapers or teletext, listening to radio, getting information about your car, being updated on sports results or financial news, finding the nearest pharmacy and much more. Everything from your iPhone. For iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

SquisyEven the last minute restaurant dinner, with Squisy. This is an app that offers a series of fixed menu and discounted prices every day. You choose the offer, call to book, eat and pay the agreed price. For now, the service is active only in Perugia and part of Umbria. For iPhone and Android systems

MusixmatchFor music lovers, this app definitely not to be missed, not surprisingly won the title of best Italian app in the Macchianera Italian Awards 2013. able to recognize the music, as does Shazam, but Musixmatch goes further: once recognized a song, in fact, automatically loads the text and shows it on the screen. Most of the time also able to synchronize it with the music, so as to display it as if it were a karaoke. Are you listening to a song on the radio? Activate Musixmatch and you will see the text scroll in real time. The same thing can be done with your music library, which the app will analyze and match to the relevant texts. For iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android systems