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The best Android launcher applications

The initial screen is more important than any other screen on the device. It must be beautiful but also functional. More often than not, the default launcher of a smartphone is not exactly digested on what you want to have. We have already made a guide of the best 10 free launchers for Android which you can consult at the end of the article, and now we have decided to update it with some of the best latest Android launchers.

From the huge amount of possibilities to change the look and feel of your Android phone, we wanted to list some of the best appsAndroid launcherfree of charge which in our opinion offer a good experience of using Android mobile devices.

The best Android launcher applications

This is not meant to be an exhaustive list of the best Launchers, but a selection to help you choose the most satisfactory Android launcher for your mobile device.

1. Apex Launcher

Android launcher - apex

Apex Launcher among the best Android launcher applications and allows you to create a great custom homescreen experience on your Android phone with vers. 4 or higher. It is a fantastic application that has the potential to give your mobile phone a complete and even super fast personalization.

The look of Apex Launcher presents the usual 5 screens to be filled with widgets, the app drawer organized in side-by-side pages, and the lower dock with icons coordinated with the Holo theme. The thing that immediately catches the eye is the deactivation of the Google search bar on every page; anyway you can configure its behavior in the settings.

Excellent results regarding stability. Apex Launcher can be used daily; as an added value, we noticed one good frequency in updates, which fixes minor bugs if they appear.

LINK | Play Store Download Link

2. Nova Launcher

launcher for Android - Nova

Nova Launcher the oldest of the Android launchers in this list, as well as the most customizable. With this third-party launcher, you can make your device look like an archive, or it can be modified to make it look like something unique. You can customize almost everything – from icons, animations, grid size, speed and more. In addition to customization options, this fast, light, clean and frequently updated launcher. The launcher's available themes are many, and hundreds of different themes can be downloaded, both from the Play Store and from other online sources. Not only can they change the icons on the main screen, but also in the app drawer, making the look very slim and clean.

In addition to the free one, if you want more features there is also a premium version "Prime", but the free version should be fine for most needs. The "Prime" version has some additional features, such as the ability to hide applications from the drawer and display the numbering of unread news from the application icons.

LINK | Play Store Download Link (Free)

LINK | Play Store Download Link (Prime)

3. Microsoft Launcher

launcher for Android - arrow

Microsoft Launcheralso called Arrow unlauncher which radically simplifies the Android user experience. Equipped with battery and memory saving technology, light, fast and efficient. Unlike other launchers, Arrow helps you keep your professional and private life organized by integrating with Bing's daily backgrounds and with Wunderlist and Microsoft Office.

With Arrow it's easy to find, start and return to your favorite apps, keep in touch with friends and keep up with the important aspects of your life. Arrow learns from your actions: the more you use it, the more it becomes like you.

LINK | Play Store Download Link

4. Themer Beta

launcher for Android - Themer

Themer a launcher that does not make you lose a lot of time in the settings, you don't have to spend time to customize the themes and options. For over a year, home screen designers have created themes for Themer that anyone can use, regardless of their customizations. The initial designed screens are complete with icons, backgrounds, widgets and useful tools. Some of the themes are true works of art that can be incorporated into your device.

Although it is possible to choose a default theme, it does not mean that you cannot customize them. You have so many options to do what you want with the themes. Themer free in the Play Store.

LINK | Play Store Download Link

5.GO Launcher EX

GO Launcher is characterized by its possibility of a huge customization of Android devices. You can find many themes that allow you to make your smartphone unique in its graphics. Not all themes are pleasant to look at, but the enormous quantity makes a pleasant and personal choice possible.

Not only themes, as it also offers the possibility of further customizations through add-ons such as widgets. This further choice makes the experience more complete, but the negative aspect of this launcher that is full of advertisements of the same company. But this aspect is bearable considering that the themes are completely free.

LINK | Play Store Download Link

These are just some of the many Android launchers on the play store, but we consider them among the best launcher applications for Android devices.

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