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Terratec iVinyl: take your discs in your pocket. The review

Terratec iVinyl: take your discs in your pocket. The review logomacitynet1200wide 1

We have seen in our introductory article on the digitization of your old records in how many and what ways this can be done. Now let's take a closer look at a recently commercialized accessory that can transform the Mac into a powerful machine for acquiring analogue material: your old 33, 45 rpm and even 78 rpm can be transferred directly from the old but efficient giradishi to the Mac and from here of course to the iPod preserving the best possible quality and preserving your old LPs from listening wear or the intrusiveness of dust.

iVynil a compact and portable solution to perform the operation at home or at that of friends and relatives.

The photo / test service you find on this MacProf page shows you every aspect of both the "physical" interface between the turntable and your Mac, and the software, Roxio's CD Spin Doctor, in charge of recording and manipulating the acquired data .

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