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Smart smartphone and fitness coupled for wellness

In winter or summer you want to get more out in the open air, and if you also combine attention to physical well-being even better. Attention to one's body and one's health increased in recent years, sometimes becoming a real obsession. The technology has been of great help, in addition to smartphones, a series of apps have been developed that help to keep the data on physical activity under control. So of the couplesmartphone and fitness we can no longer do without it if we are passionate about this healthy physical activity. The many applications have the purpose of recording and controlling the unfolding of the activity practiced, obtaining some very interesting statistics that tell how our body reacts to sporting activity. Here we consider some apps, totally free and very interesting that play the role of trainer. personnel.

Remember that there are also other accessories that perform the same task, sometimes more detailed, and are some special smart watches like wrist pulse monitors. We talked about it in this article.

Smartphone and fitness, the winning combination

If you have chosen to abandon the sedentary lifestyle and dedicate yourself more to sporting activities, even if gradually, it starts with these apps, which will prove to be of great help without the need to go to the gym, but on condition of being constant and true to your daily exercises.


Smartphone and fitness - Runkeeper

This is an application for iOS and Android that helps you monitor your workouts. The app monitors all data on mileage, speed, routes, calories burned and body weight. Moreover, it integrates perfectly with many accessories such as chest straps to record heart rate and services such asFitbit,WithingsisGarmin Connect. It also integrates with the major social networks.

The combination smartphone and fitness helps in this activity and can become a real personal trainer. Monitor rides, walks, bike rides, excursions and much more using the GPS of your iPhone or Android device.

Nike + Running

Smartphone and fitness - nike

Nike + Running, for those who already knew this application, in recent times much improved, integrating perfectly with the latest generation iOS and Android smartphones. And if you have Nike shoes with dedicated sensors, you get a training experience never seen before. The data recorded by this application are innumerable, and can be shared on the web in the community of millions of users of this app, even comparing with the other processed data.

Get GPS details of your ride, customized coaching programs that fit your goals and progress, no-stop motivation from your friends, helping you reach your daily goals.


Smartphone and fitness - runtastic

Runtastic, an app for iOS and Android, can be used very well for both outdoor and gym training. Keep track of routes through GPS and allow you to share your parameters with friends via social networks on Facebook or Twitter. Also supports the ANT + chest strap, offers the training diary and has the mode competition through which you can challenge your friends.

Runtastic manages to track sports activities such as distance, duration, speed, elevation, calories consumed and much more, in the activities of running, jogging, biking and walking using GPS.

Fitness challenge 30 days

Smartphone and fitness - 30 days

This another app that cannot be missed among the favorite ones and compared to the others has a particularity, it allows you to carry out the physical activities inside the house. Fitness challenge 30 days was carried out by sports professionals therefore scientifically proven in its effectiveness. Available free for iOS and Android, with some banners too. As easy to understand, a challenge that lasts 30 days between you and the app, with the aim of making you increase, gradually the intensity of physical activity. With this app, you can keep fit comfortably at home with 7-minute exercises, they say, even losing weight. After starting the app, you can choose one of the training plans proposed in Challenges, which are particular to every part of the body. You can choose to train the whole body, only the arms, the buttocks, the abdomen, the legs.

If you have decided to start doing fitness to lose weight, burn fat and have a healthier life, or if you are already an expert and want to keep track of your progress and new goals, this smartphone and fitness set together with the fitness apps we have proposed are exactly what you were looking for.

If you have an Android device, in this guide you will be able to discover other fitness apps to download to your smartphone.