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Set Bitsetting – Book Type on your recorder

Many times we burn an infinity of things, games, music, data, backup copies for xbox 360 and much more, not getting the desired results, we blame the supports or the burner, when instead it would be sufficient to change some settings. Today I want to show you how setting up, always if supported by your burner, Bitsetting – Book Type on DVD-ROM.

Before proceeding with the change, it is nice to understand what we are going to change and why, for this very reason, I quote an excellent smattering found on the MondoDvd forum:

Various types of DVDs exist on the market: only readable, writable, rewritable. For this reason, only readable DVDs are called DVD-ROM (Read Only Memory / Media). Usually this type of DVD used for movies and PC games but in general it can be said that every DVD containing data not inserted through a common burner should be classified as a DVD-ROM. Among the writable and rewritable DVDs instead we find more memorization standards and different capacities: there are 4.7GB, 8.5GB, 9GB DVDs currently on the market and can be found with great ease. There are also DVDs of higher capacity but definitely difficult to buy because of their very low diffusion. Coming to the main point of the question, the writable and rewritable DVDs are of three types: DVD-RAM (the least widespread also because very few burners are able to read them / write them), DVD-R / RW, and DVD + R / RW (where RW stands for Rewritable = Rewritable).

Compatibility problems As known, DVD-R / RWs were the first to spread and this is why most drives read them without any problems, apart from some old stand-alone players; DVD + R / RW instead spread later boasting a better physical support for data storage but on the other hand with a lower compatibility with the stand-alone drives and readers of a few years before. But basically why are incompatibilities generated? Is a DVD not always burned the same way? What is different from one format to another? To get the answer you need to go a little further into the physical details of the DVD.

Detail of a DVD In a still-virgin DVD, a great deal of information is collected before being burned. Suffice it to say that it is not unlikely to get to know the manufacturer of a support as an abbreviation of this is found in a premastered area. Similarly in a similar area, the DVD contains information on what kind of physical media: whether a DVD-R, a DVD + R, a DVD-RAM, a DVD-ROM. Now it's clear that DVD-ROMs are definitely DVDs more compatible as all drives must be able to read them. What if you could somehow get drives to recognize the DVDs we burn as DVD-ROMs? We would be on horseback: no drive would give us more trouble because we can't read a medium. Good: someone has thought about it and succeeded in the intent.

Change of book-type (bitsetting) But not for everyone. After all this introduction, it is clear why we try to change the book-type. But not really such a simple thing. It should first be specified that most DVD burners do not support the change of the book type unfortunately. In fact, if this operation is not supported, our beautiful theory will remain so and there will be nothing to do. Some manufacturers specify this ability but most are silent on this subject even there was a penalty for revealing the truth. For this reason the best way to find out if your drive supports bitsetting remains the same: try. The change of the boo-ktype for now limited to DVD + R only because DVD-Rs already have good compatibility in general. Some manufacturers limit even more bitsetting to DVD + R DL (Dual Layer, DVD9 with a capacity of 8.5GB for instance) or even set it automatically only for these. Note that some recorders do not officially support bitsetting but some firmware modified by some good soul still allow the setting of the gearbox. C to say also that often the first releases of the official firmware do not support the change of the book-type, but the modification is implemented with the successive versions. So to be sure that your recorder is not able to change the book-type make sure you have the latest firmware available.

To achieve our goal we will use Nero CD-DVD Speed ??as you can see in the picture below:

bitsetting dvd rom

Let's start downloading the program here: Nero CD-DVD Speed

We start it and we find ourselves, as you see in the screenshot above. Click on the menu Extra and later on bitsetting.

bitsetting dvd rom xbox 360

In my case, having a Pioneer burner, the factory already set everything on DVD-ROM, while with other burners not set so it is sufficient for each item to set ? DVD-ROM "And click on Refresh!

If this item is not available or cannot be set, most likely the Bitsetting set is not available for your recorder!