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Retailers: that's where Apple goes wrong

Retailers: that's where Apple goes wrong logomacitynet1200wide 1

American retailers are not very concerned about Apple's situation, indeed some of them report higher sales than in recent months. The real criticisms and troubles seem to come, rather, from the relationship with Cupertino, never easy. This seems to emerge from a long investigation published in the night by ZDNet / Maccentral in which the North American retailers make their voices heard. The first element of dissent seems to be about one of the causes of the crisis that according to Jobs would be due to many factors including the lack of an internal CD-RW. Although some of them admit to having had requests from customers who have subsequently purchased an external one, others say that the sensitivity in this regard does not seem particularly high on the part of those who decide to buy a Mac. and the owners of large stores, a wait-and-see attitude was recently noticed in view of MacOs X. Many possible buyers seem to be waiting for the events and understand exactly what kind of machine will be needed to support the new OS before making a purchase. and the USA claim that sales of the Cube and G4 are going well, especially thanks to the discounts, and that they were surprised by Jobs' announcement. A statement that does not seem to take into account a very important factor, namely that the slowdown in the number of machines distributed is only one of the causes of the bad quarter. Another important aspect is the reduction of margins determined precisely by the discounts. On the contrary, full agreement on the difficulties created by the gap in MHz with respect to the PC world and underlines the fact that at the moment there is no "excitement" factor in the purchase of an Apple machine: their characteristics too obvious, too little "different" from those PCs, in short, little innovation. Considerations from which derive a series of requests and wishes, the main one the need for Apple to launch some really important products at the next Expo. They claim it, especially those who report few sales, but the request seems to be implicit in all of them. A second factor that could boost sales independent of the products, but concerns dealings with retailers. Many of them complain of a lack of attention towards them that goes from the non-re-protection of the products in stock (which determines orders with the dropper) to the cold and formal relations. "Apple doesn't let us know anything about new products, yet we would know how to give advice. He does not even consult us to know how to improve relations with the same retailers. The only thing they ask us – says Gerry Curry of Curry Systems, a Canadian retailer – how many cars we sold. And if things go wrong because of them they don't even bother to know where they went wrong. "

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