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Remember how many models of Ram, over the years, our Macs have used and then replaced is a company to say the least titanic.In the PC world the various Ram are even more varied, if possible, last (certainly only in order of time) is the M-Ram, born only yesterday from the efforts of IBM and Infineon.M-Ram = Magnetic Random Access Memory, as the name implies, instead of the traditional electric method (used by D-Ram, dynamic random access memory and S-Ram, synchronous random access memory), use magnetic recording to record and retain data, this means a great energy saving and you can even think of assuming instant starts for laptops. M-Ram condenses the best of other technologies (in addition to the merits of magnetic recording): the high speed of S-Ram (static random access memory), the high storage capacity of D-Ram (dynamic random access memory) and the non-volatility of memories flashThis revolutionary system was developed by a total of about 80 technicians in the American and German laboratories of, respectively, IBM and Infineon; of IBM there is little to discover while of Infineon Technologies AG it must be said that it is a Bavarian company, subsidiary of Siemens, skilled in the production of high density semiconductors and it is at least ten years that collaborate on some products, as for example, the D-Ram.M-Ram was born (but in industrial volumes it will arrive in 2004) after a trifle like 26 years of studies in the Big Blue laboratories (and, at the time, with the DARPA, the agency of advanced research for defense) that finally made the product (almost) salable (then called "magnetic tunnel junction").

The potentialities of M-Ram seem very good, the practicality and the effective utilization is to be seen in the next few months. Some observers note that in the last 3/4 years all the technologies born at IBM have never failed. In the first M-Ram phase it will be able to reach a maximum of 256 Mb.

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