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Privacy Facebook: how to protect your data

In the last month, Facebook has talked a lot about itself because of Cambridge Analytica, a company that managed to obtain personal information from over 50 million users without the necessary consent. This episode has caused considerable controversy and fear, so much so that many members have even decided to abandon the platform permanently. If you fear that your Facebook Privacy could be violated, but you can't do without the social media, then I invite you to read this guide in which you will be shown how to best protect your personal data on Mark Zuckerberg's Social Network.

Privacy Facebook: secure your data

When you download an app or access a website using your Facebook data, companies can access some personal data and maybe sell that information en masse to advertisers or other companies.

Privacy Facebook

exactly what happened with the Cambridge Analytica scandal, in which a simple Facebook application succeeded in violating the personal data of those who had downloaded and used the app and their friends. Many users forget that they share data with their friends, too the apps used by the latter can access the aforementioned information.

fundamental, therefore, to protect the Facebook Privacy by blocking all the apps that have access to their data on Facebook. You can manage these settings in different ways.

Block apps that have access to data on Facebook via browser / desktop

  1. on the Facebook Home, click the arrow symbol located in the upper right corner and selectSettings from the pop-up menu;
  2. in the settings, select the item ?Apps "which you find on the left;
  3. go to "Access via Facebook "to view the applications that have access to your personal data (to be sure to see the complete list of all the apps, click on the item ?Show all ");
  4. moving the mouse on each of the items you can modify the data to which the app has access or remove it completely. At the bottom of the list you can find other interesting settings, such as the one that allows you to play with Facebook apps anonymously

In addition to limiting access to the personal data of your apps, it is also important to select the item ?Applications used by others " to limit the data accessible from your friends' apps.

Block apps that have access to data on Facebook on smartphones and tablets

To prevent the Facebook apps from accessing your personal data directly from your smartphone, the procedure you will need to follow is the following:

  1. open the Facebook app and tap the symbol with the three horizontal bars at the top right and click on "Account settings";
  2. SelectApplications and go to the men "Access via Facebook "to view the list of apps that access your data;
  3. select each individual entry to modify the permissions. If, on the other hand, you want to completely delete a specific App, the buttonRemove application you can find it at the bottom of the menu;
  4. click onApplications used by others to check what data your friends' apps have access to.
  5. SelectPlatformto check notifications and access methods to games with Facebook.

Security on Facebook is a much discussed topic at this time. We've already talked about it in another guide that you should read to find out how to protect Facebook from violations.