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Now you can use Skype even without having Skype

The service opens to non-subscribers: those who are members can generate links to conversations in which they can participate in the context

When the competition becomes ruthless, it's up to you to respond in kind. "Answer" in fact the right verb in this case: on Skype in fact, anyone can do it, even without an account. The novelty is just this: from today, to use Skype, you will not need to have Skype.

In fact, those who are already registered will be able to generate a link that refers to the specific conversation and that can be used by the chosen people, through a click.

No email or message asking the user to create a profile for participating in the chat: the interested parties will be able to connect to the web version of Skype without having to create an account. For now, the function is available in the United States and the United Kingdom, but in a couple of weeks it will also reach the others. Soon it will also be available from mobile.


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