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Now you can also archive WhatsApp chats on Google Drive

Google Drive was officially integrated into the instant messaging service, to allow backups of conversations, photos and videos

(Photo: Google)(Photo: Google)

WhatsApp and Google have signed an agreement to allow users of the instant messaging service to save conversations, videos and other multimedia content on Google Drive.

This was announced by Google with a brief statement on its blog, specifying that the service has already been integrated into the app, but will take a few months to become available on all smartphones.

The backup of WhatsApp on Google Drive will prevent you from losing the chats and files deemed most important, also allowing you to restore all your data in case you change phone.

To understand when you can start to take advantage of the new function you will need to arm yourself with a little patience and check regularly WhatsApp options. In the meantime, you can study all the details of the question here.


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