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Now the Beatles also love the other apple.

Now the Beatles also love the other apple. logomacitynet1200wide 1

Not everyone knows that for a long time Apple Computer and the record company of the Beatles "Apple" were the protagonists of a legal dispute over the exploitation of the name: the Cupertino company was also obliged not to produce anything relevant to the musical world to avoid being confused with its namesake who was already working in the field. Apple Computer was so furious about the issue that it also invented a system sound, "Sosumi", which makes fun of the English: pronounced as they do in California corresponds to "I know you" that is to say ?now let me sue? and obviously refers to the impossibility of being cited for the reproduction of a banal sampled sound (perhaps from some piece of the Beatles themselves?).

But now it is the Beatles, or rather the management of what remains of the group to use something from Apple Computer and more precisely the Quicktime VR technology that is used on the page (click on the "New Feature" button) dedicated to the piece "I wanto to hold your hand" to view the scene of the song recording.

The site that can be viewed with the most recent browsers and with the Shockwave and Flash plugins (used in almost all the pages) You can visit it starting from The Beatles.

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