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Nintendo Wii: Update to Firmware 4.2 with HomeBrew Lock and …

(Update) Fixed everything. It is possible to start backup copies and get the 4.2 firmware with the new version of BannerBomb. Here is the definitive guide:

Modify Wii Software 4.2E and lower versions

Nintendo tonight released the update for their Wii console at firmware 4.2The update to a first inspection does not contain any relevant news? however delete all the cIOS and HomeBrews installed on the console!wii homebrew channel The. Is also updated boot2 thus also canceling a possible BootMii installed. BannerBomb no longer works on consoles with this firmware. If you do not update, you cannot enter WiiShop, unless you only update the one with WiiSCU …

Apparently this is the only real update that blocks all software changes that you have carried out on the Wii; the only hope lies in Indiana Pwns that using a method very similar to the Twilight Hack, allows to enable homebrews (and therefore also the Backup Launcher on your console), but requires the original version of LEGO Indiana Jones or the Comex?s SmashStack beta which instead requires Super Smash Brothers Brawl (always original).

Continue to follow us for further developments and not updated your Wii console if you don't want to lose the ability to upload backups and use HomeBrew.