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Microsoft: we will do Office for MacOs X

Microsoft: we will do Office for MacOs X logomacitynet1200wide 1

Microsoft release Office for MacOs X. The Redmond giant leaves behind the uncertainties of the past few months, throws the heart beyond the obstacle and admits for the first time that a version of the suite for the new OS will be there. some managers of the Windows company during a meeting with the Reuters news agency. "We have followed the development of MacOs X to date – said Kevin Browne of the Microsoft Mac unit – and we can say that we have come to the conviction that we will develop applications for the new Apple OS". But the first application for Microsoft's MacOs X it won't be Office but Internet Explorer. Browne confirmed that the final version for MacOs X will be ready when the new OS is released "by the beginning of March". Among the important elements, the speed (50% higher than the current Microsoft claims), changes to the interface that will allow a significant range of customization and integration with the dekstop and will be more stable than the current one. In addition to that, there will be a feature that controls video and audio streaming. "The Mac world – Browne said – is proving to be economically interesting for us. And nobody leaves a market that produces profits ". A statement that left a glimpse of the possibility that the agreement, due to expire in 2002, between Apple and Microsoft for the production of software for our platform, could be renewed.

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