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MacOs 9.1 terminated

MacOs 9.1 terminated logomacitynet1200wide 1

By now it lacks very little since the release of MacOs 9.1. The update to the current operating system, according to many sources including AppleInsider, now finished and ready for distribution. It has long since passed the beta testing phase and entered the Golden Master. At the moment Apple would expect only the green light from the management. The changes that Fortissimo apporter to the user experience would not be particularly evident. Among the major innovations, in the latest builds he adds a new control for the start-up disk and a new sound control system. A panel also appears to control the automatic calibration of the screen. According to AppleInsider, for, on the other hand, the new operating system of much more demanding than the current in terms of Ram. The increase compared to MacOs 9.04 would even be 19 MB, which would make it unusable on Ram's 64 MB systems. At the moment there are no release dates for the new OS. It almost certainly seems to debut in the context of the MacWorld Expo in San Francisco, when it will be installed on new machines. It seems equally certain that it is not a commercial product, but will be distributed in the form of updates.

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