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MacOs 9.1 in Golden Master?

MacOs 9.1 in Golden Master? logomacitynet1200wide 1

Some sources of Macity who prefer to remain anonymous let us know that Fortissimo, the successor of MacOs 9.0x, recently entered the Golden Master. This means that the test phase is finished and that in the opinion of the team that takes care of the quality of the product it is ready to be released. At the moment the information on the date of presentation of the update is still very scarce. For example, it is not clear if it will be released as a free update or if it will be paid. If the methods followed previously are followed, it is likely to be a free upgrade, as was free MacOs 8.1 and later 8.6. On the other hand, according to the sources of Macity, it seems that the aesthetic novelties and the new features are very few. Apple has worked more than anything on the stability of the system and the rationalization of some components, grouping some control panels, for example, and modifying others to make them more flexible. Our contacts also claim that one of the most important news, a program for the management of downloading images from digital cameras has been canceled and will not be released with the final version. If the information on MacOs 9.0 in Golden Master turns out to be correct, one might even think that Apple may have decided to anticipate the his release. No longer the MacWorld Expo in San Francisco, but half or even the beginning of next December. The Italian version, in the past, has always been released together with the major international versions.

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