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Kodak Moments sends you smartphone and social photos at home

The app connects users with Kodak press kiosks around the country. Phone and Facebook and Instagram photos can be printed at home

Also in Italy arrived Kodak Moments, the app developed by Kodak Alaris to blend the fast-paced but intangible world of smartphone photography with the advantages of printing and preservation on paper of the most important memories. The software, already present for some time in other countries, will also have a very precise mission from us: to do from link ringamong the users' smartphones and sales outlets affiliated with the company and equipped with a Kodak printing kiosk, which in our country is more than 1000. Of these photo labs, for the time being those already enabled to receive orders and to print from smartphones are about 300, but they are increasing.

Kodak's goal is to bring the membership rate up to 100%, even if every commercial activity can obviously decide for itself whether to join the initiative.

(Photo: Kodak Alaris)(Photo: Kodak Alaris)

The Kodak Moments app available for free for Android iOS, while a version for Windows Phone is coming. Starting from its interface, the photos can be printed in three ways. In the first we go in the point of sale agreement, selecting the smartphone option on its touch panel of the kiosk. The instructions appear on the screen to pair the phone with the built-in totem Wi-Fi and transfer the desired photos to it. Otherwise you can decide to send images remotely at the nearest center, at the most convenient or simply at the one able to print in the required dimensions.

always the Kodak Moments app to take care of the procedure, while for the collection of the photos you can bring to the chosen location or make yourself deliver the order at home paying an additional sum.

(Photo: Lorenzo Longhitano)(Photo: Lorenzo Longhitano)

The quality of the prints, assure from Kodak Alaris, always uniform, and regardless of the point of sale chosen. In fact, the process behind the one – more than tested – of thermal sublimation, while the photographic quality paper is covered with a hydrophobic coating that makes it waterproof and tear-proof.

For those who go to print at the kiosk, the built-in photo editing functions (however numerous and complete) can be cumbersome to use compared to what is possible with the most popular smartphone apps. The experienced retouchers can therefore jump to more even this phase, applying the filters the changes to the image through their favorite app and simply forwarding the final version to Kodak. The software also designed to meet especially those who have never heard of Photoshop and Instagram filters.

(Photo: Lorenzo Longhitano)(Photo: Lorenzo Longhitano)

And speaking of Instagram, from the Kodak kiosk possible also connect to your account or that of Facebook to extrapolate the photos. For those who choose this last solution, a warning is required: the resolution of the images chosen for the conversion may not be sufficient to give truly enjoyable photos as a result. The software will display a message when faced with desperate enlargements, but on other occasions it will shoot straight and produce slightly grainy images.

A similar argument applies to those who claim to be able to print images from Whatsapp chats or taken in tragic conditions from a poor camera: Kodak Moments does not work miracles. Chiper simply wants to turn his memories into something more tangible than a bunch of bits, with this app he has a quick and comfortable way to do it.


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