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Kainjow Life2Go: a software to extend the iPod functionality

The portability of iPod has always aroused in many enthusiasts the hope that sooner or later new features may become available, perhaps making the Apple multimedia player more like a PDA. Similar to that Newton that revolutionized the portable device market, how little it picked up at the level of commercial success.

It should also be added that the possibility of entering the Apple mobile phone market could bring joy to those who have always wanted a device that combines the functionality of Newton and the success of the iPod. A 360-degree multimedia product. We therefore look forward to January 9th 2007.

For those who have always dreamed of an 'iPDA' and just can't wait, the momentary palliative represented by the Life2Go program. The Kainjow software allows you to activate a whole series of additional features on the iPod such as reading RSS feeds, newsletters, forecasts meteorological, stock market prices, calculations and route management.

It also allows you to read documents in the most popular formats (PDF, RTF, DOC, HTML), synchronize your contacts in the calendar and scheduled appointments on the calendar, and also use the iPod as a back up device to save your data. important.

Naturally all these possibilities and information will be loaded and synchronized by connecting the iPod to your Mac or PC and transferring the data directly. Consequently, the only obvious limitation concerns the impossibility of connecting in direct to the network; the various news and information will be read deferred, or, for example, to calculate an itinerary, it will be necessary to do so in advance and then transfer the information to the iPod (we will soon publish a tutorial that will guide you in creating guided itineraries).

A software therefore recommended for those who want to expand the functionality of their iPod and do not feel the need for a continuous connection to the network.

Life2Go available for both Windows (2000 or XP) and Mac OS X (at least version 10.2.8). It is possible to download a trial version lasting 15 days. The price to the public to definitely buy the software 12.99 dollars.