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Jamo i300: minimalist style audio system for iPod and Mac.

Among the many offers for the iPod docking system, the i300 seemed to be worthy of attention, an elegant Jamo triptych composed of two speakers plus a subwoofer.

jamo 3

The 2.1 system characterized by the square shape and the minimalist but refined style of its components. The i300 interfaces with iPod through a functional elliptical base dock; to the combined dock also a radio control with which it is possible to control the music from a long distance. Note the contrast between the curved and slippery lines of the dock base and in the radio control, and the square shape of subwoofers and speakers.

In addition to the dock connector, the base has another in-line on the back: in case you want to use the system with Mac or other multimedia devices (DVD, console, CD Player, etc.), it will always be possible to connect them through the base dock . If that is not enough, there is another in-line on the back of the subwoofer. The audio quality is guaranteed by the 150 watts of the sobwoofer and the 75 watts (presumably peak power) of each single speaker, for a wide and powerful sound.

The i300 perfectly compatible with every iPod model equipped with a dock connector. In the case of models without this connector, it will still be possible to connect the mp3 player through one of the in-line alternatives.

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