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iTunes Store, visitor siege

iTunes Store, visitor siege logomacitynet1200wide 1

Too many visitors and too many sales, site blocked. Here's what happened during the holidays at the iTunes store.

The problems, according to a service of Ap, occurred between Monday and Tuesday. To find out the users who have tried to download music; error messages and even 20 minutes to get a song, have led to desperate requests for help on Apple's technical forums. Although Cupertino has not commented on the story, some analysts interviewed by the news agency said they were certain that the problem connected to the large number of visitors who "crowded" the site especially to take advantage of iTunes Cards.

According to Gene Munster it is the proof that "the demand is higher than expected. The traffic was such as to make the site go haywire ?. "There is no doubt * says Michael Gartenberg * who is facing a huge iPod success. No matter how carefully the server response can be planned, there is always a time when you are below the needs "

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