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iTunes Store: how to offer a monthly subscription as a gift

For a long time it has been possible to buy a prepaid 15 or 25 Euro card on the iTunes Store (sponsor) to give to your children or in general to relatives or friends to purchase tracks or albums from Apple's music store.

But habits evolve and even in the relationship between parents and offspring the iPod becomes an element of the weekly or monthly allowance: in fact, there are few teenagers or young people who dedicate part of it to the "supply" of their music player given the advantage of having an original song at a cost of 0.99 euros well below that of more or less original MP3 ring tones and many times usable only on mobile phones.

The Apple initiative that includes a subscription to give to third parties is therefore a good idea for those who do not want to grant the indiscriminate use of their credit card and still want to regulate the flow of purchase to the online music store.

The registered user will be able to create an account with a fixed monthly withdrawal of a minimum of 10 euros for the most economical to continue with 20, 30, 40, 50, … 100, 150, up to 200 euros for those who want to exaggerate. The monthly credit can be activated by those who have an Apple account and are reserved for a relative or friend who does not yet own it: once the second account is activated, this will be able to take advantage of the monthly ceiling (or part of it) until the person who gives the gift decides to close the flow. Credit can be used for music, video and games dedicated to iPod video.

Everything is easier to activate than to explain: the relative window looks like in the image below and once the data has been entered, the gift can be communicated with a message to the lucky receiver.

To activate the option by accessing the form you can click on this link.

ITMS monthly gift