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IPod touches US cars

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About half of the American cars put up for sale next year will be able to integrate an iPod into the onboard audio system. This is the data recorded by the Telematics Research Group and the result of a survey on the equipment of the cars in terms of entertainment technology.

If the data provided by TRG were confirmed, it would have been an incredible success for the Apple player and the Cupertino strategies and above all for a factor that could potentially lead to further sales growth. During 2006, in fact, the percentage of cars compatible with iPod was much lower (about 12%).

The research company also points out other interesting data that seem to confirm that music is a very important factor for car manufacturers. 67% of American car manufacturers in 2007 put on sale models equipped with quality systems with brands recognizable by the general public (Bose and Harman / Kardon for example. In addition to this 75% will have some form of support for audio MP3 or Windows Media Audio and 60% allow the external connection of iPod and other digital audio reading devices.

Finally, 2007 will also be the first year during which car manufacturers will offer cars with USB sockets for Hard Drives and flash memories in the US. Six models with a USB socket and 17 with a flash memory reader are expected to be marketed.

Data on other trends in the automotive technology market are also visible in this chart

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