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iPhone, the Facebook app consumes too much battery

The Zuckerberg company admits that its app drains excess energy on iOS systems

(Photo: Facebook)(Photo: Facebook)

Among the most expensive app in terms of energy on Apple devices, that of Facebook among the top of the list. They clearly admitted it from Zuckerberg's company, through the statements of Ari Grant (Engineering Manager for iOS) on his Facebook profile.

The causes of excessive consumption of bacteria are a "CPU spin" in the code (ie a useless process that continues to repeat itself cyclically) and a management that is not exactly impeccable in the audio sessions of the videos. "If you leave the Facebook app after watching a video", says Grant, "The audio session in some cases remains open and the app continues to silently reproduce the audio".

The problem, however, always according to Grant's statements, seems to have been partially solved: the new version of the app, already available on the store, should guarantee improvements.


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